The Universal Law of Attraction – Turning Up the Volume

Can the universal law of attraction be made to work even more powerfully for us? If communicating our desires is sending thought energy into the universe, can we turn up the volume?

We know that we must clearly formulate our desires and that we have to communicate them to the universe. We understand that our thought energy will be increased and returned to us in the form of a manifestation of our desires. Powerful as positive thought is, contrary to what some people may believe, positive thought alone is not enough to turn your desires into your reality. You must believe that you will receive that which you have asked for.

To achieve success with the universal law of attraction, you must strengthen your faith by living in the future. By that I mean using your imagination to visualize already having the thing you desire. When you do that you must also attach strong positive emotions to having what you asked for. Positive emotions reinforce your faith that you will receive what you asked for and strengthen your desires.

As you vividly imagine already having received the thing you asked for be thankful for it. Endow your gratitude with strong positive emotions. In this way you will reinforce the positive energy you are sending out. In turn, that positive energy will be returned to you greatly amplified.

By harnessing the power of positive emotions when we visualize already having what asked for and when we express our gratitude to the universe for that which we have yet to receive we can “turn up the volume” on the universal law of attraction.

How the Universal Law of Attraction Can Change a Life

Many have claimed the Universal Law of Attraction has the ability to change the life of anyone who is willing to open their mind and try utilizing its possibilities. So what is the Law of Attraction? Built upon observations of humanity and the cycles and patterns it goes through, New Thought believers see the Universal Laws as the deepest truth of the universe that science is slowly catching up to and proving.

The Universal Laws rest on a fundamental theory that everything in our perceivable universe originated from a single source which then separated, possibly from the event of the Big Bang, into millions of pieces. All of these pieces are deemed to have the singular purpose of eventually compiling back into that singular, completed form after a journey to gain understanding and sentience.

While following this path to knowledge, each soul must fight past ever harder challenges, beginning with the physical age, then the mental, and finally the spiritual. This is said to be our current age, in which we must now learn to harness abilities that are not easily calculated by dry logic. The most basic of these abilities is the ability to harness the Law of Attraction to bring the universe closer to oneness.

The Law of Attraction states that all things within the universe are drawn to each other in varying degrees of force, dependent upon cohesiveness. Both opposing forces, such as negative and positive, and two similar forces, two object of great size, can attract each other. Energy is also prone to the Law in an even more immediate fashion, radiating around every living thing, fluctuating with the physical properties of it.

In the art of using the Law of Attraction to ones advantage in life, masters first explain the relationship between the most common sense aspects of ones day. When a person ‘wakes up on the wrong side of the bed’, and choose to spend their day in an inward, grumpy way, they will more readily perceive the day as bad or unlucky, and subconsciously place themselves in situations that will bring unwanted events about. Instead of choosing to give someone their best impression, sullen behavior could result in the person being ignored by the other.

In the same way though, people can make the best of their days by chasing every golden opportunity to invite the positive aspects into their lifetime. Through the most conscious art of self-fulfilling prophecy, a person can believe so wholeheartedly that good things will happen, and they will find themselves in situations that are pleasing and enjoyable. According to the Law, the physical energy emanating from a humans mind can draw to it events of which the energy orchestrates the image.

Attraction can be used in as many ways as a person can imagine, literally. Some New Thought believers think that any power standpoint and belief within ones mind will cause a shift in the persons reality to be more focused around this belief. Be it monetary safety, finding love, or inspiration, the Law of Attraction relies on the magnetism of a mind that already believes it has what it wants, and in response, is offered more.

Many people consider the Universal Law of Attraction to be a common sense way of living their lives after incorporating it so fluidly into their daily consciousness. While most people are of the mindset that one must ask for that which they want, by using the Law of Attraction, one must first believe that they will have what they desire to shift all the energies around them to bring it into existence. The ancient philosopher Socrates was the first to state, after being sentenced to death at the trial that ended his life, the no matter how the body may be damaged, not a single thing could wound the soul unless the door is open.

The Universal Law of Attraction – Fad Or Secret Power?

The universal law of attraction has received a lot a lot of publicity recently, but is it just a fad that will soon pass from memory like the last temporary craze or is it a secret power as some have claimed?

Is the universal law of attraction really a secret power?

When pared down to its constituent parts, it is a set of principles. The correct application of which can have a dramatic and powerful effect. Although some people have claimed great and rapid results by the application of these principles, for most practitioners the results take longer and are less spectacular.

If there is a secret to successfully applying the law of attraction to your daily life, it is in how its principles are applied. But like many of the best kept secrets, the answer has been hidden in plain sight for centuries. It is just that in previous times only the enlightened few knew the real meaning of what they saw and read. Illiteracy and indolence kept this knowledge from the mass of people, but it has been in front of their eyes all the time. That this knowledge is not more widely known in our society can no longer be blamed on illiteracy.

A passing fad?

If you have not discovered its true nature or have not learnt to apply its principles correctly it is easy to dismiss the universal law of attraction as a passing fad. But that is not correct. It is not a new idea. It has been known for at least two millennia! Its principles are contained in the teachings of Jesus Christ, which have been in the English language for at least 400 years. Its popularity may wax and wane a bit over time, but the universal law of attraction will be with us for a very long time to come.

Which is it then, a secret power or a passing fad? It is neither of these. It is just what its names says it is; it is the universal law of attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction – 3 Tips For Beginners

The universal law of attraction is appealing to a growing number of people keen to achieve their dreams and have the type of life they only dream of. Being unsure of what this law is and how it is applied, without proper instruction it is easy for novices to experience frustration or even failure. Here are three tips that will help the beginner, as well as the experienced practitioner, to achieve success.

#1. Know what really want

Make sure you are pursuing your own dreams, not what others say you should have in your life or what you think you should have. Be clear about what it is that you really want. Have a clear image of it in your mind down to the smallest details. Endow your desire with strong positive emotions. In this way you will send out the strongest possible positive energy into the universe. In time, the universe will return that energy to you in the form of giving you what you desire.

#2. Keep it simple – stick to the basics

The universal law of attraction is a set of principles. These principles work and have stood the test of time. The consistent and persistent application of these principles will, in time, deliver to you that which you truly desire. Until you have achieved some success in attracting your desires, and have confidence in this universal law, it is best to avoid the so called “advanced techniques” that are being offered by some marketers.

#3. You will experience temporary setbacks

“The good Lord works in mysterious ways” is a phrase you will probably have heard many times. The same is true of the universal law of success. You will from time to time experience what you think is a setback or even failure to receive that which you desire. Don’t be afraid of such temporary setbacks, it is only the way of the universal law letting you know that your desires are yet to be manifested to you; and when they are, what you will receive will be far greater than the thing you thought you had lost.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these tips will help you move forward in applying the principles of the universal law of attraction in your daily life.